Trophies - Manitoba Camera Club

Trophy and Awards Night: April 2018

Thank you to our judges:

Photographer Judge: Carey Lauder

Photographer Judge: Ian McCausland

Member Judge: Dave Streeter

Junior Monochrome: (8) entries

1st: Keith Putt

2nd: Carmen Nedohin

3rd: Keith Putt

1HM: Carmen Nedohin

2HM: (not awarded)

Junior Colour: 8 entries

1st: Keith Putt

2nd: Jean McManus

3rd: Keith Putt

1HM: Jean McManus

2HM: Carmen Nedohin

Senior Monochrome: 16 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr

2nd: Kathy Schubert

3rd: Oliver Dolinsky

1HM: Nancy Kerr

2HM: Kathy Schubert

Senior Colour: 16 entries

1st: Kathy Schubert

2nd: Olivia Dolinsky

3rd: Oliver Dolinsky

1HM: Bob Poole

2HM: Nancy Kerr

Junior Projected: 11 entries

1st: Carmen Nedohin

2nd: Carmen Nedohin

3rd: Jill Booker

1HM: Jean McManus

2HM: Jean McManus

Senior Projected: 22 entries

1st: Christina McWilliams

2nd Jordan Nepon

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen

1HM: Elaine Delannoy

2HM: Nancy Kerr

Animals: 69 entries (19 print, 50 projected)

1st: Kathy Schubert

2nd: Kathy Schubert

3rd: Olivia Dolinsky

1HM: Wayne Adams

2HM: Wendy Stephenson

Architecture 51 entries (14 print, 37 projected)

1st Bob Poole

2nd: Kathy Schubert

3rd: Kathy Schubert

1HM: Bob Poole

2HM: Oliver Dolinsky

Contemporary 46 entries (9 print, 37 projected)

1st Jill Booker

2nd: Carmen Nedohin

3rd: Elaine Delannoy

1HM: Jill Booker

2HM: Christina McWillams

Life Images 57 entries (17 print, 40 projected)

1st Keith Putt

2nd: Elaine Okeeffe

3rd: Jordan Nepon

1HM: Kathy Schubert

2HM: Kathy Schubert



Junior Monochrome Print – Jean McManus

Junior Colour Print – Jean McManus

Junior Projected Images – Jean McManus

Senior Monochrome Print – Kathy Schubert

Senior Colour Print – Kathy Schubert

Senior Projected Images – Jordan Nepon

2016-17 MCC Board Members: (L-R) Front row: Nancy Tardfiff, MaryLou Milhaussen, Judy Berthman, Wendy Stephenson, Back Row: Bob Poole, Gail Simpson, Laurie Harper-Winning, Lynn Latozke, Don Berthman, missing: Nancy Kerr, George Love

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