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Below is a list of photography resources such as websites, editing programs, etc.:

- Critiquing Checklist for your own images

Photo Essay Project notes

Aperture Creates Art an Aperture Primer - Joe Kerr (Red River College Photography Instructor) 

- National Geographic Guide to Photography - Photography Basics

- WINDOW or ONE LIGHT LIGHTING by Don Berthman, slideshow

- Photo Print Travel Case by Don Berthman, slideshow

- LyndaLibrary at the Winnipeg Public Library -You can scan through more Photography education resources than may ever use, from courses on Photoshop and Lightroom software to the art of photography. The length of each is given, plus the learning level, beginner, advanced, for any level etc. Have Fun!!

          1-  Here is how to access the lyndaLibrary

          2-  Go to Winnipeg Public Library website homepage

          3-  Select - Our Collections on the left side of the page

          4-  Select - A-Z Digital Content & Database

          5-  Select - L

          6-  Select - lyndaLibrary.............If you don't have a account - create one

          7.  Log In

          8-  Look below the 8 buttons to Menu.. New      Popular        Recommended         

               Several subjects are listed of which one is Photography.

          9- Select - Photography


          - From the library's facebook page:

Have old photos, negatives, and slides that you'd like to convert to digital files?   The ideaMILL has a new scanner where you can do just that. (The scanner even removes dust, scratches, and surface defects so your digital file looks great!)  Reserve a time slot, bring your photos, etc. and save your files to your USB.

Reserve a time slot:          

Photo Editing programs

- Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

- Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Short-Cut Cheatsheets - This is a Pdf download that you can print

-  Skin Retouching: to give the smooth skin texture, here is an "old school" method for those of you that don't have Topaz and other add-ons.

Video Creation

- How to Create Powerful Videos...Click Here




Mat Cutting .pdf : How to cut double mat, off set corners and inlays...Source: Logan Graphics Website

Photo Matting and Mounting

Photo Print Travel/Transport Case

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