Resources - Manitoba Camera Club

Below is a list of photography resources such as websites, editing programs, etc.:

- Critiquing Checklist for your own images

Photo Essay Project notes

Aperture Creates Art an Aperture Primer - Joe Kerr (Red River College Photography Instructor) 

- National Geographic Guide to Photography - Photography Basics

Photo Editing programs

- Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

- Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Short-Cut Cheatsheets - This is a Pdf download that you can print

-  Skin Retouching: to give the smooth skin texture, here is an "old school" method for those of you that don't have Topaz and other add-ons.

Video Creation

- How to Create Powerful Videos...Click Here




Mat Cutting .pdf : How to cut double mat, off set corners and inlays...Source: Logan Graphics Website

Photo Matting and Mounting

Photo Print Travel/Transport Case

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