2018/19 Program - Manitoba Camera Club

Location of all meetings (unless otherwise noted) is at Lions Place.

Please note that programs are subject to change without notice.

September 2018:   Theme, ``OPEN``

September 4

Opening Night - Member Introduction Night

Introduction of executive and committee chairs

Presentation of the 2018/19 program by the Executive;

September 11

Member speaker,  Jean McManus - Photographing Birds

September 18

Speaker: Adam Dolman - Night Photography

Competition entries are due for the Theme: “OPEN”

September 25

Presentation and critiquing  of competition entries for the Theme, “OPEN”.

October 2018:   Theme, ``MACHINERY``

Large or small machines or mechanisms, in whole or in part, in any environment.

October 2

Speaker: Tech Night withDave Streeter and Keith Putt

October 9

Speaker: Jacqueline Young - Architecture Photography

October 16

Field trip: Pyrotechnics with Joe Kerr

6:00pm to 9:00 pm

Harbour View Park, Lagimodierre and Springfield

Park in the north parking lot, 1/2 km north east of Springfield signal lights.

Joe will be demonstrating artistic techniques using 2-tone blended smoke bombs.  Then spinning with a cocktail combination of steel wool and pyrotechnic fountains and flares.

October 23 

Speaker: Manuel Sousa - Spain Trip

Competition entries are due for the theme: "MACHINERY"

October 30 -

Presentation and critiquing of competition entries for the Theme: "MACHINERY”.


This can be figurative (mood, situation) or literal (shadow, dim light, low key).  This is not simply dark subjects...ie: Black cats don't fit the theme, but black cats in coal bins do.

November 6:

Member Night and Pyrotechnics followup

November 13:

Semi-annual business meeting

Speaker: Orb making introduction - Joe Kerr

November 20:

Speaker: Editing night with Keith Putt

Competition entries are due for the Competition-Theme "Dark Places/Dark Spaces"

November 27:

Presentation and critiquing of Competition Images for "Dark Places/Dark Spaces"


December 2018 -  No Theme

Wednesday, December 5: Note that this is a Wednesday, NOT Tuesday

Workshop: Orb making with Karen Kerr

2nd Floor at Lions Place but not in our regular space.....it will be in the multi-use area at the opposite end of the building.

December 11:

Guest Speaker: Dennis Fast - "PHOTOGRAPHY For The SOUL"

December 18: Christmas potluck dinner. @ Lions Place

* Spouses, significant others, etc. are welcome.

POT LUCK SIGN-UP If you plan on attending and have not signed up for the pot luck the list will be available on the back table on November  27.



uary 2019, Theme: ``OPEN``

January 1: NO MEETING THIS WEEK - Happy New Year!

January 8:

Speaker : Coralee Penner

"ALL ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA". Coralee and Rebecca, the girls of Red Photo Co., have been photographing for more years than you'd think, which we joke about often. After countless years shooting weddings, their current focus is corporate and commercial work, in addition to teaching workshops about social media, both through their studio and in partnership with the Downtown Winnipeg Biz. http://www.redphotoco.com

January 15:

Speaker: Adam Kelly - Documentation of the Creation of Movies

January 22: 

Field trip - Red River College

Competition entries are due for the Competition Theme "OPEN"

January 29:

Presentation and critiquing night for Theme "OPEN"


February 2019, Theme ``OPPOSITE/CONTRAST`` 

Emphasizing different size, colour, light, texture, maturity, wealth, quantity, or whatever dichotomy or juxtaposition you can think of.

February 5:

Change of speaker to Elaine O'Keefe

Presentation: "So you want to exhibit"…. Elaine O’Keeffe has been the curator for personal and WSPC club exhibits for a few years. She will share some tips and tricks she has learned from these experiences, as well as images from those exhibits.

f time allows, she is also has a story telling presentation on “25 days in Europe”.

February 12

Field Trip - Photo Central with Chris Insull

We will be meeting at Photo Central, 957 Portage Avenue

February 19

TOPAZ NIGHT - Keith Putt, Mary Lou Milhausen, Jean McManus

Entries due for competition Theme "Opposite/Contrast"

February 26:

Judging and critique night of "OPPOSITE/CONTRAST"


Mary Lou Milhausen

March 2019- Theme: ``STATES OF WATER``... Solid, liquid, and gaseous water in natural or human environments.

March 5:

Speaker:  James Duncan- Live owl presentation

March 12: 

Members Night

March 19: 

Speaker: Gerald Legere- photo restoration

Entries due for the competition theme, "STATES OF WATER"

March 28: Judging and critique of March competition, "STATES OF WATER"


April 2019

April 2:  

Field Trip - Aspire Studios for Dog Portraits

Images are due for our Year end competition "OPEN" theme (monochrome print, colour print, and digital projected )

as well as the following themed competitions:

"ARCHITECTURE" for the Henry Kalen Trophy

"ANIMALS" for the Arko Trophy

"LIFE IMAGES" for the MCC Life Images Trophy

"CONTEMPORARY" (Altered Reality) for the Delannoy Trophy

See the competition rules on for the Trophy competitions (eg. maximum 4 images per theme) 

April 9:    

Speaker: TBA

April 16: Annual General Meeting and election of officers (first half of evening)


Presentation by Bob Poole - Macau, Asia's Las Vegas

April 23:  

Speaker: Keith Levitt - Ireland

April 30 - Year End Banquet:


Sign up sheets will be available at our meetings Please remember to start returning your trophies and awards! ll
Spouses and significant others are welcome.  


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