Please note that programs are subject to change without notice.

September 2021:   Theme, ``OPEN``

September 7 - ZOOM MEETING

Opening Members Night -  

- New Executive and Board Introductions

- Competitions-themes-guidelines

- Programming for first half

- Members introductions/discussions on photography interests/skills/knowledge

September 14 - ZOOM MEETING

Speaker: Alex DeVries - SEASONS OF CHURCHILL

Bio: Alex de Vries was born and raised in The Netherlands and moved to Winnipeg, Canada at the age of 13 where he attended high school and university. Alex became a professional photographer after moving to Churchill, MB in 2010 when he fell in love with the natural beauty and wildlife of his surroundings.

While working as a sled dog musher, he continued to study the work of local photographers as well as the many professionals who travel to Churchill duing the polar bear, northern lights, and beluga whale seasons. Aside from being an avid adventurer and traveler, world

Alex is currently a tour guide for Sea North Tours, a company specializing in Beluga whale watching in the Churchill River mouth to the Hudson Bay in the summer, and drives for Great White Bear Tours, during the busy polar bear season in the fall.

September  21 - ZOOM MEETING

Speaker: Rodney Braun - TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY

Bio: Rodney Braun has been a photographer in Winnipeg since 2000. With five solo art shows and two books to his credit, Rodney is establishing himself as an artist in Manitoba and beyond. Rodney is known for his innovative use of light, movement, and setting in depicting the human body with grace and dignity.

Rodney currently teaches at Red River College and has been on the Board of the Professional Photographers of Canada. He is a two-time winner of the title “Photographer of the Year” with the Professional Photographers of Canada-Manitoba, as well as winning numerous awards nationally.

Rodney also leads photography tours to place such as Arizona, Utah and California. He will give a quick overview of tours and then go into taking a photo from a snapshot to a decent finished image.

Competition entries are due for the Theme: “OPEN”

September 28  - ZOOM MEETING

Presentation and critiquing  of competition entries for the Theme, “OPEN”.

October 2021:   Theme, "NATURE" . This includes any wild animal, bird or plant.  Domestic animals, pets and cultivated plants are not included. The "Hand of Man" should not be evident except where wild animals have adapted to man made objects (eg: owl on a fence post)

October  5  -  ZOOM MEETING

Speaker: Justin Anderson - AURORA CHASING ,

October 12 -  ZOOM MEETING

Speaker: Darlene Perkin - STILL LIFE

October 19 - ZOOM MEETING


Competition entries are due for the theme: "NATURE"

October 26 - ZOOM MEETING

Presentation and critiquing of competition entries for the theme: "NATURE”.

Untitled photo

November 2021:  THEME, "STILL LIFE".  The subject(s) in the image must consist of inanimate objects.

November 2  - ZOOM MEETING


Bio: Alex is an award-winning photographic artist specializing in freestyle fine art photography, accredited by the Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) in stock photography. She was selected the Canadian Photographer of the Year in 2009 by PPOC and was three times selected as the Manitoba Photographer of the Year in 2011, 2012 and 2015. She was a finalist in the top 10, for best Landscape Image in the 2013 World Photographic Cup, and her work was selected to be showcased at the Pingyao International Exhibition in China in 2015. She specializes in infrared digital photography, experimental fine art image making and iPhone photography.

Alex is the founder and mentor of T.H.E Through her Eyes, a unique women’s photography collective that explores the boundaries of art, expression, gender and society .She teaches photography classes and workshops for adults as well as having worked with the Winnipeg School Division for 5 years as a “resident artist” teaching photography in the inner city elementary schools’ innovative Engaging Fusion program.

She relocated to Peachland, BC in 2019, and has since had her images accepted into to juried exhibits at the Peachland Art Gallery in 2020 and 2021. She continues to lead workshops, tours, and photo classes.

November  9:

November 16:

November 23:


Competition entries are due for the Competition-Theme "FROM DAYS GONE BY"

November 30:

Presentation and critiquing of Competition Images for "FROM DAYS GONE BY"


December 2021 -  No Theme

December 7: 


December 14: 


Hazel Birt

January 2022, Theme: ``OPEN``

Happy New Year!

January 4:

January 11:


January 18:  


Competition entries are due for the Competition Theme "OPEN"

January 25:

Presentation and critiquing night for Theme "OPEN"


Untitled photo

February 2022, Theme ``PORTRAITS`` -  CANDID OR FORMAL

February 1:


February 8:


February 15:  


Entries due for competition Theme "PORTRAITS"

February 22:

Judging and critique night of "PORTRAITS"


Untitled photo

March 2022- Theme: ``SCENICS``- Includes landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes

March 1: 

March 8:   

March 15: 

March 22:     

Entries due for the competition theme, "SCENICS"

March 29: Judging and critique of March competition, "SCENICS"


Untitled photo

April 2022

April 5:  

**** Images are due for our Year end competition "OPEN" theme (monochrome print(?), colour print (?), and digital projected )as well as the following themed competitions:

"ARCHITECTURE" for the Henry Kalen Trophy

"ANIMALS" for the Arko Trophy

"LIFE IMAGES" for the MCC Life Images Trophy

"CONTEMPORARY" (Altered Reality) for the Delannoy Trophy

See the competition rules on for the Trophy competitions (eg. maximum 4 images per theme) 

April 12:  Speakers:  Kayla Gordon and Keith Levit doing their presentation on "Murals of Winnipeg"

April 19:  Annual Business Meeting and election of officers

Second half of night is a Members Night. Topic to be Announced later

April 26 - Year End Wind-Up:


Spouses and significant others are welcome. 

Due to the Pandemic, we will not be able to have our normal Banquet but we will get together for a ZOOM windup to get a look at the photos from the Annual Year End Competition.

Come out and see all the YEAR END COMPETITION photos and results, as well as all the trophy and awards presentations.


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