2022/23 PROGRAM

Please note that programs are subject to change without notice.

All meetings this season will be using the ZOOM online platform unless noted.

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As dates become filled you can download the newest edition. Latest update Sept. 15, 2022.

******************September 2022******************

Theme, "OPEN"

September 6

Opening Members Night Meet and Greet


- New Executive and Board Introductions

- Competitions-themes-guidelines

Competition rules/composition rules

Keith /Mary Lou/Jean/Wayne

Welcome Back

Gale Simpson -  Senior

September 13

Speaker: Ariel Gordon - TREES



Bio: Ariel Gordon is a Winnipeg/Treaty 1 territory-based writer, editor, and enthusiast. Her most recent books are Treed: Walking in Canada’s Urban Forests (Wolsak & Wynn, 2019), a collection of essays that combines science writing and the personal essay, and TreeTalk (At Bay Press, 2020), a public poetry project where Ariel hangs poems in trees and asks passersby to add their thoughts, ideas, and secrets. She was the winter 2022 Writer-in-Residence at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture at the University of Manitoba. She will present photographs of trees and related flora and fauna talk about my approaches to photographing trees. In the second, I'll read from the essay in Treed that is a journal of photography in Assiniboine Forest.

Link to Ariel’s book - https://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/9781928088752/ariel-gordon/treed-walking-in-canadas-urban-forests?blnBKM=1

Ariel Gordon

Untitled photo

September  20

Speaker: Walter Potrebka - BIRDS


https://www.wpotrebkaphotography.com https://www.facebook.com/WPotrebkaPhotography

Bio: I am a Nature & Wildlife photographer based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. My love for photography started when I was growing up on the family farm near Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada. My interest in photography started when I borrowed my sister’s camera for a trip to British Columbia when I was 13. Seeing the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains through the camera had me hooked. Combining these two loves is what drives my photography. I try to captures the beauty that is always around, from the close up of a tiny song bird, to the wide vista of the Black Sand Beaches in Iceland. Whether it is waiting for hours for a Chickadee to land on the perfect branch, or for the sun to illuminate the mountain, I find patience and calm when in the out of doors. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Adopt the pace of Nature: her secret is patience”.

Image Competition entries are due for the Theme: “OPEN”

Walter Potrebka

Untitled photo

September 27

Critique Night for the theme "OPEN"

Watch the video of tonight's critique...Click Here

*****************October 2022******************


The Annual "CONTEMPORARY" Themed Competition. This is exactly as held in past Aprils. Refer to the Competition Guideline for detail.

October 4

Speaker: Casey Sisterton - MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY

http://casey.sisterson.ca https://www.facebook.com/casey.sisterson

The smaller things in nature: I am a Nature and Wildlife photographer based in Selkirk, Manitoba. I’d always been a landscape and wildlife photography, but my love for macro photography started when I’d injured my back and couldn’t lift my DSLR with a 600mm.

Being able to make small trips in the backyard to look for the smaller things in nature significantly helped with my recovery. Now when I go looking for birds, I find I spend more time in the weeds and wildflowers of our province as hunt for something interesting. I’m always stunned at the complexity of life regardless of how small you get. Macro

Photography has also created a great opportunity when the cold weather becomes too much to go outside. There are many abstract macro photography projects using simple items you have around your house and produce amazing art. I will present the different styles of macrophotography, gear, and techniques.

I’m looking forward to sharing a bit of my tiny worlds of nature and wildlife with everyone.

Casey Sisterton

Untitled photo

October 11

Speaker: Wayne Simpson - Portraits of Resilience


Many people wear a lifetime of experiences on their face, yet who that person is and what they have experienced often remains a mystery. In this talk, the audience will encounter a collection of portraits accompanied by individual stories of inspiration, tragedy and humanitarianism. The overall narrative is an emotional journey in which the audience will inevitably see pieces of themselves in the stories of some truly remarkable individuals.

With compassion and respect, Wayne Simpson has befriended individuals and discovered some truly remarkable people with profound stories we can all learn from. Intertwined with each story is the sub-narrative of the photographer learning who he is as each connection is forged. Always compelling, and at times haunting, Simpson’s portraits keep storytelling at the forefront. The atmosphere and mood are often crafted with multiple studio lights on location. Many of Simpson’s portraits are graced with intricate details – adding additional layers of complexity to the portrait and in turn making each portrait a visual story on its own.

Bio:   Wayne Simpson is an author and professional photographer based in Elora, ON. Determined to tell meaningful stories through portraiture, Wayne prides himself on being true to his subjects as he combines art and compassion together as one. Whether he is photographing a person or a place, Simpson’s ultimate goal is to create images that evoke emotion and a sense of mystery.

While his niche lies in portraiture and landscape photography, his versatility as a photographer carries into his commercial work and event photography, making his style distinctive in the industry. As an educator, Simpson conducts portrait and landscape photography workshops throughout Canada.

Wayne Simpson

Untitled photo

October 18

Speaker: Curtis Jones - THE ART OF SIMPLICITY


The Art of Simplicity – A Minimalist Approach to Creating Stronger Images Description: Learn to use the creative techniques of minimalism to intentionally account for every inch of your frame. Discover how to minimize clutter, work with negative space, and master visual balance to boost the overall impact of your compositions. Working in a clean visual style you will learn to look for strong anchors, shapes, and lines while eliminating visual distractions.

Curtis will share his experiences and images from some of the world’s most remote destinations to help kick-start your journey toward simplified, cleaner photographs that capture the essence of our world. Short bio: Curtis Jones is a Canadian outdoor and adventure photographer who spends most of his time in climates rarely inhabited by people.

Working for both the private and public sector, his portfolio spans environmental initiatives, literacy programs, Canadian National Parks, tourism, and food sustainability. Collaborating with adventure athletes, production teams, and local communities, he has built his career delivering an intimate view of the raw, wild, and often untamed.

A seasoned photography guide, Curtis is often found leading photography workshops in Greenland, Antarctica, Mongolia, and Newfoundland – sharing his appreciation for photo adventures, tents, and solid punchlines with others.

Competition entries are due for the theme: "CONTEMPORARY"

Curtis Jones

Untitled photo

October 26

Presentation and critiquing of competition entries for the theme: "CONTEMPORARY”.

***************November 2021**************

Theme - "TREES"

November 1

Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada - Wayne Adams



Bring your cameras - Members will have the aviation museum for the evening to take photos of aircraft. MCC will collect admission fees from membership to confirm attendance. More info will be posted by e-mail.

Royal Aviation Museum

Untitled photo

November  8

Speaker: Bruce Hendricks - Impact

Bruce Hendricks, F/PPOC, MPA, F.Ph, F/PPOC-BC, M.Photog, CPP of Impact Photographic Design and Art In The Dark


Bruce Allen Hendricks is one of the most decorated photographers in Canadian history. Hendricks has received numerous awards in his career, including the Yousuf Karsh Lifetime Achievement Award for Photographic Excellence. Having achieved the title of Master Photographer in both Canada and the United States, he is routinely asked to judge professional photographic competitions across the country.

Hendricks will present his program on creating images with more IMPACT. Through the use of composition, leading lines, cultural biases and even using the viewer’s own subconscious mind he’ll help you create images that are more striking to those that view them.

Bruce Hendricks

Untitled photo

November 15



BIO - PHOTOGRAPHER at Princess Auto Kim Downie is a Winnipeg based commercial photographer, specializing in Industrial and Product photography. For the last 20 years, she has been the senior photographer for a national retail company, creating images for instore on online advertising. Kim has earned her Master of Photographic Arts, Fellowship of Photography, as well as many provincial and national Image Salon Awards for her work.

Commercial photography ranges from anywhere from simple product photography for a website to multi-faced marketing campaigns. From old fashioned print catalogues to creating content for social media, all commercial photography has one thing in common, we need to sell the stuff we are shooting!

Learn how to create buying appeal and create images that will have people opening their wallets and buying your clients product.

Kim Downie

Untitled photo

November 22

Members Night -

1st Half - will be MCC Business and Constitution Amendments

2nd Half - TBA

Competition entries are due for the Competition-Theme "TREES"

Wayne Adams  -  Senior  Projected

November 30

Presentation and critiquing of Competition Images for "TREES"

******************December 2021:****************


December 6

Speaker:  Mark Kutcy - Cell Phone Photography 


A teacher at heart, my interest in photography started with film when I was in junior high school. I started my own teaching career in 1986, starting with Band and Jazz Band and a variety of other courses sprinkled in over the years. Somewhere soon after 2000, while I was teaching at John Taylor High school and I had the opportunity to start a beginner photography course.

Over the next 17 years at JT, I was able to build the original half credit grade 10 course into a successful 2 and a half year program and was filled my timetable out teaching a 4 year Graphic Arts program. My first attempt to retire was in 2017. I was interested in teaching photography privately and creating a part time portrait photography business. Apparently I failed retiring at first as I ended up teaching many term positions for others teaching similar programs. A pandemic is also not an ideal time to begin a portrait photography business; however, recently I have been having a great time taking family and individual portraits as well as fine art portraits and, more recently, been taking portraits for hairstylists of their work for competitions.

I shoot with my full frame dSLR, a Nikon D750 and a portable studio. I also shoot a Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera for travel photography and, of course, with my cell phone, an iPhone 13 Pro.

"The best camera is the one that you have with you." - Chase Jarvis

Mark Kutcy

Untitled photo

December 13: TBA,  HOLIDAY POTLUCK??



****************January 2023*****************

Happy New Year

January 3




Winter presents some unique photographic challenges, but it can reward you with uniquely inspiring images too. This presentation celebrates the distinctive features of winter light and offers practical advice about camera care, shooting and processing techniques to showcase the snowy conditions. Kas also shares creative ideas that will inspire you to explore your personal feelings about the season – love it or hate it – and get outside to make some winter magic with your camera.

Kas Stone is a professional photographer based in Nova Scotia, where she finds plenty of inspiration in the wild coastal scenery and moody weather right outside her door – especially in wintertime!

Her portfolio includes an extensive list of presentations, exhibitions and publications, with several books and feature articles in Canadian and U.K. magazines. Visit Kas and learn more at www.kasstone.ca.

Kas Stone

Untitled photo

January 10


Untitled photo

January 17


Untitled photo

January 24

Speaker: Roslynn Long - BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY


As a nature photographer, Roslynn Long spends countless hours outdoors, in all seasons, and has developed a passion for photographing birds. Her goal is to bring a small piece of nature to people’s lives each day, whether they are at work or home. She enjoys showcasing the beauty that is around us all the time, and her hope is that people experience a moment of peace by viewing the incredible nature that surrounds us.

Roslynn’s photos have been featured in “Birds and Blooms” magazine and their other publications, Pahl’s Market calendars, the KARE11 Weatherguide calendars, the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum social media pages, and the Minnesota Land Trust publications.

When she’s not outside stalking birds, she enjoys time with her husband and two daughters, watercolor painting, knitting, and ringing bells in the Berean Baptist bell choir.

You can see more of her work at lynnlongprints.com and follow her on social media at

facebook.com/lynnlongprints and


January 31

Presentation and critique night for Theme "OPEN"

Roslynn Long

Untitled photo

******************February 2023*****************

Theme - "ANIMALS" 

The Annual "ANIMAL" Themed Competition. This is exactly as held in past Aprils. Refer to the Competition Guideline for detail.

Debbie Vokey - Animals (submitted as a projected Image)

February 7


Untitled photo

February 14


Entries due for competition Theme "ANIMALS"

Untitled photo

February 21

Judging and critique night of "ANIMALS"

*******************March 2023******************

Theme: "FOOTWEAR" - Photos must meaningfully feature items worn on a person’s feet at work, home or play. Does not include socks. Sandals and socks are OK, but socks by themselves are not.

Mike Lagace, Junior Projected

March 7


Untitled photo

March 14


Untitled photo

March 21


Entries due for the competition theme, "FOOTWEAR"

Untitled photo

March 28

Judging and critique of March competition, 


********************April 2023***********************

April 4


**** Images are due for our Year end competition "OPEN" theme (monochrome print(?), colour print (?), and digital projected ) as well as the following themed competitions:

"ARCHITECTURE" for the Henry Kalen Trophy

"LIFE IMAGES" for the MCC Life Images Trophy

See the competition rules on for the Trophy competitions (eg. maximum 4 images per theme) 

Untitled photo

April 11


Untitled photo

April 18

Annual Business Meeting and election of officers, 

Second half of night is a Members Night. Topic to be Announced later

April 25



Spouses and significant others are welcome. Due to the Pandemic, we may not be able to have our normal Banquet but we will get together for a ZOOM windup to get a look at the photos from the Annual Year End Competition.

Come out and see all the YEAR END COMPETITION photos and results, as well as all the trophy and awards presentations.

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