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Try us on for size!

Come and visit us for free for two nights.

The last couple of years of pandemic experience has made us rethink the in-person meeting approach. Because we now hold our meetings via Zoom we have seen some unexpected results.  We truly live up to our name of "Manitoba Camera Club" with new members from outside of Winnipeg. 

Club members have been able to attend meetings from beyond the local area and even while on vacation from different provinces and countries. 

We have been able to expand our presenter pool and topics. This past year we had presenters from across Canada as well as the U.S.

The annual membership fees have been able to be reduced to $50.00 from $100.00.

COME and JOIN us on our photographic journey!  We would love to see you.

MEMBERSHIP FORM, this form is computer fillable. 


NEW MEMBERS, please do the following:

- Download it,

- fill it in,

- save it to your computer and

- email it to our Membership Chair at:

How to Renew Your MCC Membership With E-transfer

For members who paid by e-transfer last year:

Sign into your online banking account and select e-transfer.

Go to "Send money to" and select "Manitoba Camera Club" (the email should be

Enter $50 and send.

For members who did not use e-transfer last year:

Sign into your online bank account and select e-transfer.

Go to "Contact list" or "Add new contact".

Enter "Manitoba Camera Club" as the contact.

Enter "" as the email.

Enter $50 and send.

Concerns? Issues ? Problems? Please contact our Treasurer, Gerry Legere directly at

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