Brian McCann

I bought my first camera in 1962, a Kodak Retinette 1B. Why - you may ask! Well, this particular model, which I still possess was made in Germany, and it was a 35mm. viewfinder type camera, with a built in semi automatic light meter.
My thinking then, was that I had a better understanding and judgement of shutter speeds and distance, than I had of exposure, light and F stops. It served me very well, with the majority of my “photography” being slides using Agfa film, which required sending off to an Agfa lab to be processed, subsequently being returned in thick plastic mounts.

Fast forward now many years, even decades, during which time I owned a Pentax Super Program, but life’s commitments, family, work and other interests etc; diverted me from pursuing photography as a hobby.
Fortunately circumstances have changed, after being “incarcerated” at the University of Manitoba for 32 years, I gained my “freedom” in 2007 and and I have signed on to the digital world of photography.
My freedom has now allowed me to combine two of my pleasures and interests, photography and travel, a wonderful pairing perhaps only equalled by a cool crisp gin and tonic.
So much of my recent knowledge of photography, I have acquired by being a member of the Manitoba Camera Club, and it’s members’ willingness to share and advise.
I do however feel the need to be more creative, and develop a better eye to recognize the picture within the picture, and towards that goal I invite comments on the images in my gallery.

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