Image of the month - Nancy Kerr

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January 2022 Competition - OPEN

Judges: Hans Arnold, Lynn Latozke, 

Junior Monochrome

1st- Anita Vermaak

2nd- Quincy Romano

3rd- Orysa Stein

1HM- Anita Vermaak

2HM- Kathy Hodgins

Junior Colour

1st- Craig Burgess

2nd- Anita Vermaak

3rd- Roger Froebe

1HM- Anita Vermaak

2HM- Kathy Hodgins

Senior Monochrome

1st- Gerry Legere

2nd- Elaine Delannoy

3rd- Wendy Stephenson

1HM- Wendy Stephenson

2HM- Gail Marchessault

Senior Colour

1st & Image of the Month- Nancy Kerr

2nd- Gerry Legere

3rd- Wendy Stephenson

1HM- Joan Morgan

2HM- Keith Levit

January 2022 - OPEN Gallery.......CLICK ON THE ICON TO SEE THE GALLERY

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