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Image of the Month

Harry Johnson

Junior Projected

1st Larry DeMarch

2nd Larry Demarch

3rd Christopher Balite

1st Hm Gail Marchesault

2nd Hm Wolfgang Hachenbroch

Junior Monochrome

1st Sandra Shibata

2nd Barbara Cantley

3rd Sandra Shibata

1st HM N/A

2nd HM Barbara Cantley

Junior Colour Prints

1st N/A

2nd Barbara Cantley

3rd Barbara Cantley

1st HM Sandra Shibata

2nd HM Gary Zuk

Senior Projected

1st Harry Johnson

2nd Lynn Latozke

3rd Don Berthman

1st Hm Harry Johnson

2nd Hm Kathy Schubert

Senior Monochrome

1st Lynn Latozke

2nd Kirsten Fowlie

3rd Kirsten Fowlie

1st HM Harry Johnson

2nd HM Kristen Homenuik

Senior Colour Prints

1st Harry Johnson

2nd Kristen Homenuik

3rd Kristen Homenuik

1st HM Lynn Latozke

2nd HM Wendy Stephenson

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