Lynn Latozke - 1st Place  - Senior Colour Print

Manitoba Camera Club Competition October 2017 – “Churches or Places of Worship”

Photographer Judge: Pamela MacFarlane

Artist Judge: Don Berthman

Member Judge: Debbie Vokey


Nancy Kerr

Junior Monochrome: (14) entries

1st: Keith Putt (Sky and Arches)

2nd: Keith Putt (St Boniface Cathedral)

3rd: Elaine O’Keeffe (Cathedral Ceiling

1HM: Wayne Adams (Cooks Creek)

2HM: Jean McManus (Woman & Cross)

Junior Colour: 15 entries

1st: Keith Putt (Cotswold Stone)

2nd: Diane Blakeley (Sedona Church in Rock)

3rd: Carmen Nedohin (Masters Ceiling)

1HM: Ruth Penner (Winter Pano)

2HM: Ruth Penner (Dome under Storm Clouds)

Senior Monochrome: 21 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Daisies and Church)

2nd: Kathy Schubert (Church Window)

3rd: Olivia Dolinsky (Church Tower & Sculpture)

1HM: Brian McCann (Praying Shepherds)

2HM: Jordan Nepon (Pen & Religious text)

Senior Colour: 14 entries

1st: Lynn Latozke (Wooden Church)

2nd: Kathy Schubert (Door with 3 spires)

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Domed Country Church)

1HM: Gale Simpson (Low angle church aisle)

2HM: Gail Marchessault (Service with a view)

Junior Projected: 17 entries

1st: Cheryl Latozke (Cross in Window)

2nd: Jean McManus (Book Pages)

3rd: Craig Burgess (Light in the Darkness)

1HM: Elaine O’Keeffe (Candles)

2HM: Cheryl Latozke (Cross)

Senior Projected: 32 entries

1st: Olivia Dolinsky (Man & Candles)

2nd: Sharon Jenkins (Monochrome Pews)

3rd: Lynn Latozke (Desert Church)

1HM: Elaine Delannoy (Statue on Wall)

2HM: Kathy Schubert (Chapel of Bones)

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