Manitoba Camera Club Competition

March 2018 – A Different Perspective

Photographer Judge: Tami Reynolds

Artist Judge: Marlis Steinke

Member Judge: Reg Delannoy


Jordan Nepon

Junior Monochrome: 6 entries

1st: Jean McManus - Anenomes

2nd: Jean McManus – We Are Family

3rd: Elaine O’Keeffe - Playful

1HM: Carmen Nedohin – Over the Rockies

2HM: Elaine O’Keeffe – Forrest Reflections

Junior Colour: 8 entries

1st: Carmen Nedohin – Under the Broadway Dome

2nd: Elaine O’Keeffe – Sphere within a Sphere

3rd: Jean McManus – The Entertainer

1HM: Carmen Nedohin – Solar Lights

2HM: Wayne Adams – Fence in Mirror

Senior Monochrome: 14 entries

1st: Wendy Stephenson – Different Perspective

2nd: Nancy Kerr – Coffee Bar

3rd: Kathy Schubert - Trees

1HM: Gail Marchessault - Turtle

2HM: Olivia Dolinsky - Sphere

Senior Colour: 14 entries

1st: Olivia Dolinsky - Garlic Bulb

2nd: Oliver Dolinsky - Mask

3rd: Gail Marchessault - Icicles

1HM: Nancy Kerr - Flower

2HM: Wendy Stephenson - Butterfly

Junior Projected: 12 entries

1st: Wayne Adams - Glasses

2nd: Carmen Nedohin - Ladies

3rd: Craig Burgess - Swirly

1HM: Jean McManus - Feet

2HM: Jean McManus - Swimmers

Senior Projected: 22 entries

1st: Jordan Nepon – Jets Fly over

2nd: Christina McWilliams - Baby

3rd: Jordan Nepon - Rotunda

1HM: Bob Poole – Tree

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen – Reflective Tree

Total Entries 26+50=76

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