On the Fence

Manitoba Camera Club Competition January 2018 – “Open”

Photographer Judge: Keith Levit

Artist Judge: Jo Smolley

Member Judge: Nancy Tardiff


Nancy Kerr

Junior Monochrome: 9 entries

1st: Carmen Nedohin – “Classic Car“ 

2nd: Elaine O’Keeffe – “Jack” 

3rd: Jean McManus - "Butterfly Escape"

1HM: Jean McManus – "Incoming"

2HM: Carmen Nedohin - "Dewey Leaves"

Junior Colour: 11 entries

1st: Carmen Nedohin - "The Neighbor's Cat"

2nd: Pamela Desmet Franklin – “Decay & Green Leaf"

3rd: Jean McManus – “Young Weavers“

1HM: Elaine O’Keeffe – “Dragon Fly“

2HM: Jean McManus – Defending its Ierritory“

Senior Monochrome: 16 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr – "After the Fire" 

2nd: Kathy Schubert – Horse Eye

3rd: Olivia Dolinsky - Ostrich

1HM: Kathy Schubert - Bear

2HM: Nancy Kerr – "Chevy Grill"

Senior Colour: 16 entries

1st: Olivia Dolinsky – Car and Butterfly

2nd: Oliver Dolinsky – Jug and Peppers

3rd: Bob Poole – Misty Sunrise

1HM: Kathy Schubert – Woman in costume

2HM: Nancy Kerr – "Kerr-Splash"

Junior Projected: 19 entries

1st: Mary Wenger – Man in church

2nd: Carmen Nedohin -"Red Umbrellas"

3rd: Nancy Clark - Mural

1HM: Jean McManus – White Trees

2HM: Wayne Adams - Esplanade

Senior Projected: 23 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr - "On the Fence"

2nd: Kathy Schubert - Cougar

3rd: Sharon Jenkins - Dunes

1HM: Gail Marchessault – Bird with Crab

2HM: Elaine Delannoy – Geese at Sunset

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