Don Berthman - 1st Place - Senior

List of Winners Manitoba Camera Club

Competition September 2020 – “Open”

Photographer Judge:

Kevin Mc|ntyre

Artist Judge: Ruth Kamenev

Member Judge: Craig Burgess


Viola Davidson

Junior Monochrome Print ( 8 Entries )

1st: Bruce Leppky

2nd: Ben Trowell

3rd: Ben Trowell

1HM: Viola Davidson

2HM: Viola Davidson

Junior Colour Print ( 8 Entries )

1st: Viola Davidson

2nd: Bruce Leppky

3rd: Viola Davidson

1HM: Ben Trowell

2HM: Bruce Leppky

Senior Monochrome Print (28 Entries )

1st: Don Berthman

2nd: Elaine Delannoy

3rd: Wendy Stephenson

1HM: Wayne Adams

2HM: Wayne Adams

Senior Colour Print ( 29 Entries )

1st: Wayne Adams

2nd: Wayne Adams

3rd: Gale Simpson

1HM: Wendy Stephenson

2HM: Elaine Delannoy

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