Craig Burgess - 2nd Place Junior

Manitoba Camera Club

Welcome to the MCC!
We are Manitoba's premier Photography Club - a Winnipeg based community dedicated to the Art of Photography and the improvement and advancement of member skills through education and experience.
Our Club members range from Professional and Award winning Photographers to Absolute Beginners. We meet weekly from September thru April for a wide variety of activities including Field trips, Competitions, Guest Speakers, Image Reviews and Skill Improvement Lectures on vital topics ranging from Technique to Processing to the Printing and Presentation of Images.
COME and JOIN us on our photographic journey!

List of Winners - January 2021  – “OPEN”

Photographer Judge: Colin Corneau

Artist Judge: James Culleton

Member Judge: Hans Roemer

PICTURE of the MONTH: Kayla Gordon (Monochrome)

Junior Monochrome ( 15 Entries )

1st: Kayla Gordon

2nd: Anthony Dolinsky

3rd: Kayla Gordon

1HM: Bruce Leppky

2HM: Benjamin Trowell

Junior Colour ( 13 Entries )

1st: Bruce Leppky

2nd: Craig Burgess

3rd: Benjamin Trowell

1HM: Benjamin Trowell

2HM: Kayla Gordon

Senior Monochrome ( 36 Entries )

1st: Gerry Legere

2nd: Keith Levit

3rd: Wendy Stephenson

1HM: Wayne Adams

2HM: Gale Simpson

Senior Colour ( 36 Entries )

1st: Mary Lou Milhausen

2nd: Gerry Legere

3rd: Elaine Delannoy

1HM: Ruth Penner

2HM: Gerry Legere

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