September 2021: "OPEN"

October 2021: "NATURE" 

Nature includes any wild creature, bird or plant.

Domestic animals, pets and cultivated plants are not Included.

The hand of man" should not be evident except where wild animals have adapted to man made objects. (eg. owl on a fence post)

**No photograph is worth any distress or injury to any wild Creature

November 2021: "STILL LIFE"

The subject or subjects in the image consist of inanimate objects.

December 2020: NO COMPETITION

January 2022: "OPEN"

February 2022: "PORTRAITS" - Candid or Formal

A pictorial representation of a person or persons, particularly of the Face.

March 2022: "SCENICS"

Includes landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes.

April 2022: 

- Annual Year End "OPEN" and 

Special Competitions:

- Life Images,

- Architecture,

- Animals &

- Contemporary Photography

See the competition rules for more information

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