Competition Themes 2018-2019 - Manitoba Camera Club

September 2018: "OPEN"

October 2018: "MACHINERY"

This can be large or small machines or mechanisms, in whole or in part, in any environment


This can be figurative (mood, situation) or literal (shadow, dim light, low key). 

This is not simply dark subjects. ie: Black cats don't fit the theme, but black cats in coal bins do.

January 2019: "OPEN"

February 2019: "OPPOSITE/CONTRAST"
Emphasizing different size, colour, light, texture, maturity, wealth, quality or whatever dichotomy or juxtaposition you can think of.

March 2019: "STATES OF WATER"
Solid, liquid, and gaseous water in natural or human environments.

April 2019: Annual Year End "OPEN" and Special Competitions:
- Life Images,
- Architecture,
- Animals &
- Contemporary Photography

See the competition rules for more information

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