Winners: November 2015 Texture Competition - Manitoba Camera Club

MCC November 2015 - Texture


Image Of The Month: Wendy Stephenson

Junior Monochrome:

1st: Nancy Kerr

2nd: Barb Cantley

3rd: Bob Poole

1HM: Barb Cantley

2HM: Joe Oczerklewicz

Junior Colour:

1st: Cheryl Latozke

2nd: Barb Cantley

3rd: Joe Oczerklewicz

1HM: Cheryl Latozke

2HM: Bob Poole

Senior Monochrome:

1st: Harry Johnson

2nd: Harry Johnson

3rd: Kathy Schubert

1HM: Kristen Homenuik

2HM: Wendy Stephenson

Senior Colour:

1st: Wendy Stephenson

2nd: Kathy Schubert

3rd: Wendy Stephenson

1HM: Kristen Homenuik

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen

Projected Junior:

1st: Barb Cantley

2nd: Cheryl Latozke

3rd: Joe Oczerklewicz

1HM: Nancy Kerr

2HM: Barb Cantley

Projected Senior:

1st: Brian McCann

2nd: Lynn Latozke

3rd: Kathy Schubert

1HM: Elaine Delannoy

2HM: Sharon Jenkins

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