Oliver Dolinsky  -  Senior Projected - 1st Place

List of Winners

Manitoba Camera Club Competition

January 2020 – “OPEN”

Photographer Judge:  Kevin McIntyre

Artist Judge: Cathy Schubert

Member Judge: Debbie Vokey

PICTURE of the MONTH: Bruce Leppky

Color Print Junior Monochrome Print ( 7 Entries )

1st: Bruce Leppky

2nd: Bert Schaffer

3rd: Bruce Leppky

1HM: Not awarded

2HM: Not awarded

Junior Colour Print ( 8 Entries )

1st: Bruce Leppky

2nd: Don Schaeffer

3rd: Ruth Penner

1HM: Bert Schaffer

2HM: Ruth Penner

Junior Projected Images ( 8 Entries )

1st: Bruce Leppky

2nd: Bruce Leppky

3rd: Not awarded

1HM: Bert Schaffer

2HM: Not awarded

Senior Monochrome Print (22 Entries )

1st: Hans Roemer

2nd: Olivia Dolinsky

3rd: Keith Putt

1HM: Keith Putt

2HM: Hans Roemer

Senior Colour Print ( 22 Entries )

1st: Keith Putt

2nd: Gerry Legere

3rd: Mary L. Milhausen

1HM: Hans Roemer

2HM: Olivia Dolinsky

Senior Projected Images ( 18 Entries )

1st: Oliver Dolinsky

2nd: Gerry Legere

3rd: Gerry Legere

1HM: Hans Roemer

2HM: Jean McManus

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