Gerry Legere - 1st Place - Junior Colour Print

Manitoba Camera Club Competition October 2018 – “Machinery”

Photographer Judge: Ingrid Misner

Artist Judge: Corinne Flaws

Member Judge: Bert Schaffer


Keith Putt

Junior Monochrome: 3 entries

3rd: Gerry Legere

1HM: Gerry Legere

Junior Colour: 4 entries

1st: Gerry Legere

3rd: Gerry Legere

2HM: Ruth Penner

Senior Monochrome: 24 entries

1st: Keith Putt

2nd: Keith Putt

3rd: Bob Poole

1HM: Jean McManus

2HM: Wendy Stephenson

Senior Colour: 24 entries

1st: Keith Putt

2nd: Keith Putt

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen

1HM: Harry Johnson

2HM: Jean McManus

Junior Projected: 10 entries

1st: Ed Mathis (Cranes and Building)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Gentlemen with gears)

3rd: Gerry Legere (Gears and Pulleys

1HM: Ruth Penner (Coffee Maker)

2HM: Wolfgang Hackenbrock (Bike Gears)

Senior Projected: 29 entries

2nd: Bob Poole (Gear)

3rd: Heather Beckstead (Farm Equipment)

1HM: Joe Kerr (Train Composite)

2HM: Nancy Kerr (The End)

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