Gerry Legere  - Junior Projected Image

Manitoba Camera Club Competition November 2018

 “Dark Spaces, Dark Places”

Photographer Judge: Doug Little

Artist Judge: Jo Smoley

Member Judge: Keith Putt


Mary Lou Milhausen

Junior Monochrome: 5 entries

1st: Gerry Legere (Stone Alley)

2nd: Ed Mathis (Soldier and Building)

3rd: Bert Schaffer (Man at a bar)

1HM: Gerry Legere (Ironsmith)

2HM: Ed Mathis (Main Entrance)

Junior Colour: 6 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Broken Window)

2nd: Wayne Adams (Under Bridge View)

3rd: Gerry Legere (Gas Station Lights)

1HM: Gerry Legere (Luxor Las Vegas)

2HM: Bert Schaffer (Light Track)

Senior Monochrome: 20 entries

1st: Olivia Dolinsky (Woman in Jail)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Corridor)

3rd: Jean McManus (Kids behind Grate)

1HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Window and Rope)

2HM: Bob Poole (Wire Fence)

Senior Colour: 20 entries

1st: Mary Lou Milhausen (Jail Cell)

2nd: Jean McManus (Roosters)

3rd: Carmen Nedohin (USA Lady)

1HM: Wendy Stephenson (Fair Lady)

2HM: Nancy Kerr (Derelict Door)

Junior Projected: 12 entries

1st: Ed Mathis (Law Courts)

2nd: Jill Booker (Street Shadows)

3rd: Don Schaeffer (Ghostly Portrait)

1HM: Gerry Legere (Human Rights Ramps)

2HM: Bert Schaffer (City Worker)

Senior Projected: 24 entries

1st: - Kathy Schubert (Addicts Alley)

2nd: Olivia Dolinsky (Planet of the Apes)

3rd: Kathy Schubert (Knife with Blood )

1HM: Nancy Kerr (Great Big Night Sky)

2HM: Brian McCann (Face in the wall)

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