Craig Burgess - 1st Place - Junior Monochrome Print

Manitoba Camera Club Competition March 2019 – “States of Water”

Photographer Judge: Pamela McFarlane

Artist Judge: Charlene Brown

Member Judge: Reg Delannoy


Craig Burgess

Junior Monochrome: 11 entries

1st: Craig Burgess (ice triangles)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Foggy Fence & Tree)

3rd: Nancy Clark (Frozen Rocks)

1HM: Viola Davis (Snow and Bird)

2HM: Viola Davis (Snow on railing)

Junior Colour: 11 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Bricks and Snow)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Deer with Iced Branches)

3rd: Gerry Legere (Water Fall)

1HM: Nancy Clark (Frosty Ferns)

2HM: Craig Burgess (Leaves and Water Spray)

Senior Monochrome: 19 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Water and Reads)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Stormy Sea)

3rd: Keith Putt (Frozen Puddle bubbles)

1HM: Jean McManus (Ice Castles)

2HM: Nancy Kerr (Water in Glass)

Senior Colour: 21 entries

1st: Gale Simpson (Wake of Boat)

2nd: Nancy Kerr (Water Droplet)

3rd: Carmen Nedohin (Fountain and Statue)

1HM: Wendy Stephenson (Frolicking in the Water)

2HM: Carmen Nedohin (Beach)

Junior Projected: 16 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Bubbles)

2nd: Viola Davis (Frost on Leaf)

3rd: Nancy Clark (Red Leaves & Berries)

1HM: Nancy Clark (Snow bank)

2HM: Gerry Legere (Fence & Ice)

Senior Projected: 22 entries

1st: Mary Lou Milhausen (Wake Ripples)

2nd: Nancy Kerr (Droplet)

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen (window Icicles)

1HM: Jean McManus (Trees & Snow)

2HM: Gale Simpson (Frozen Flowers)

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