Christina McWilliams - 1st Honourable Mention - Senior Projected Images

Manitoba Camera Club Competition January 2019 – “Open”

Artist Judge: Hubert Theroux

Member Judge: Terumi Kuwanda

Alternate MemberJudges:

Nancy Clark (for Srs),

Olivia Dolinsky (for Jrs)


Olivia Dolinsky

Junior Monochrome: 5 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Window Cleaner)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Fort Gate Entrance)

3rd: Gerry Legere (Ethelbert Cemetery)

1HM: not awarded

2HM: Wayne Adams (Amsterdam Streets)

Junior Colour: 6 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Hubcap Reflection)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Horse and Barn)

3rd: Gerry Legere (Canola and Tree)

1HM: Nancy Tardiff (Wolf)

2HM: Nancy Tardiff (Bride)

Senior Monochrome: 16 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Grain Elevator)

2nd: Carmen Nedohin (Melk Abbey)

3rd: Keith Putt (Polar Forrest)

1HM: Olivia Dolinsky (Wooden Fingers)

2HM: Keith Putt (Barbed Wire)

Senior Colour: 16 entries

1st: Olivia Dolinsky (Dancer Reflecting)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Guitars)

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Spools)

1HM: Keith Putt (“Purple”)

2HM: Jean McManus (“Moonlight Becomes Her”)

Junior Projected: 14 entries

1st: Ed Mathis (CMHR Reflection)

2nd: Gerry Legere (Chipmunk)

3rd: Nancy Clark (Lily)

1HM: Nancy Clark (Grasshopper)

2HM: Kathy Hodgins (Ceiling)

Senior Projected: 24 entries

1st: Jean McManus (Eclipse)

2nd: Olivia Dolinsky (Cogs)

3rd: Carmen Nedohin (Horses)

1HM: Christina McWilliams (Cracked ice puddle)

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Sail Boats on unstill water)

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