Keith Putt - 1st Place - Senior Colour Print

Manitoba Camera Club Competition February 2019 – “Opposites/Contrast”

Photographer Judge: Keith Levit

Artist Judge: Leona Carnegie

Member Judge: Christina McWilliams


Nancy Kerr

Junior Monochrome: 3 entries

1st: not awarded

2nd: Gerry Legere (Big house Little House with snow)

3rd: not awarded

1HM: not awarded

2HM: Wayne Adams (Old vs new, round vs linear bridges)

Junior Colour: 5 entries

1st: Gerry Legere (Big and Small stairs, contrast colour)

2nd: not awarded

3rd: Gerry Legere (Bales Contrast size)

1HM: Wayne Adams (Big Ship. Small sail boat)

2HM: Wayne Adams (Football Scarves)

Senior Monochrome: 14 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Contrasted Glasses)

2nd: Keith Putt (Fuel Tank Stairs)

3rd: Jean McManus (Zebra)

1HM: Olivia Dolinsky (Open and Closed Zippers)

2HM: Carmen Nedohin (New and Old steeples)

Senior Colour: 14 entries

1st: Keith Putt (Forrest – Alive/dead Colour/grey)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Wall mural)

3rd: Jean McManus (Cat with Different Eyes)

1HM: Olivia Dolinsky (Mono/Colour face)

2HM: Nancy Kerr (Odd Egg)

Junior Projected: 10 entries

1st: Wayne Adams (Small and Large Bridge)

2nd: Wayne Adam

Nancy Clarks (Shanghai Cityscape) 3rd: (Male Female Ducks)

1HM: Gerry Legere (Bolt)

2HM: Bert Schaffer (Old style/New style buildings)

Senior Projected: 18 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Pier with Scarf)

2nd: Nancy Kerr (Fire & Ice)

3rd: Carmen Nedohin (Street Scene -nice life vs bad life)

1HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Mural with Shadows)

2HM: Olivia Dolinsky (Eyes)

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