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Manitoba Camera Club Competition

September 2016 - Open Category

Photo Judge: Barry Striemer

Artist Judge: Gloria De Neve

Member Judge: Wilf Schubert

Photo of the MONTH:

Gail Marchessault (desert path)

Junior Monochrome: 10 entries

1st: Gale Simpson (tangled lines)

2nd: Jean McManus (kid on slide)

3rd: Gail Marchessault (Canadian lynx)

1HM: Jean McManus (Bird in hand)

2HM: Bob Poole (tree)

Junior Colour: 10 entries

1st: Gail Marchessault (desert path)

2nd: Keith Putt (landscape panel)

3rd: Gale Simpson (Owl)

1HM: Keith Putt (Peak-Two-Peak)

2HM: Bob Poole (Reflection)

Senior Monochrome: 10 entries (+ 1 disqualified)

1st: Lynn Latozke (Singer)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (S-shaped road)

3rd: not awarded

1HM: Lynn Latozke (train)

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Lighthouse)

Senior Colour: 15 entries

1st: Rick Mahon (face)

2nd: Kathy Schubert (Lighthouse)

3rd: Kenn Green (sunset over tractors)

1HM: Kathy Schubert (Girl)

2HM: Wendy Stephenson (Tree reflections)

Junior Projected: 20 entries

1st: Hannah Barnbrook (The Cube)

2nd: Wolfgang Hackenbroch (Mountain Reflection)

3rd: Gail Marchessault (Forest Path)

1HM: George Love (Guitar Man)

2HM: Cheryl Latozke (Lightning)

Senior Projected: 24 entries

1st: Brian McCann (Building & bikes)

2nd: Jordan Nepon (Wrestlers)

3rd: Lynn Latozke (RRX)

1HM: Nancy Kerr (Old Roof)

2HM: Jordan Nepon (#18: S124-2, dancers)

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