Lynn Latozke - Picture of the Month

Manitoba Camera Club Competition

November 2016 – “Street Photography”

Photographer Judge: Hans Arnold

Member Judge: Kathy Schubert

Member Judge: George Love


Lynn Latozke (Skateboarder)

Junior Monochrome: 9 entries

1st: Gail Marchessault

2nd: Gale Simpson

3rd: Bob Poole

1HM: Gail Marchessault

2HM: Bert Shaffer

Junior Colour: 14 entries

1st: Gale Simpson

2nd: Gale Simpson

3rd: Elaine O’Keeffe

1HM: Gary Zuk

2HM: Gail Marchessault

Senior Monochrome: 15 entries

1st: Lynn Latozke

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen

3rd: Brian McCann

1HM: Barry Streimer

2HM: Barry Streimer

Senior Colour: 13 entries

1st: Lynn Latozke

2nd: Brian McCann

3rd: Kenn Green

1HM: Mary Lou Milhausen

2HM: Nancy Kerr

Junior Projected: 28 entries

1st: Hannah Barnbrook

2nd: Gale Simpson

3rd: Wolfgang Hackenbroch

1HM: Elaine O’Keeffe

2HM: Gail Marchessealt

Senior Projected: 20 entries

1st: Kenn Green

2nd: Barry Streimer

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen

1HM: Lynn Latozke

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen

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