Jean McManus, 1st Place, Junior Colour Print

Manitoba Camera Club Competition January 2017 – “OPEN”

Photographer Judge: Jill Booker

Artist Judge: Robby Simpson

Member Judge: Keith Putt


Craig Burgess (Low Light Guitar)

Junior Monochrome: 10 entries (+1 disqualified)

1st: Joe Oczerklewicz (Fishin and Fireworks)

2nd: Gail Marchessault (Frog Belly)

3rd: Gail Marchessault (Foggy Hillside)

1HM: Bob Poole (Mountain Scene)

2HM: Wayne Adams (Cactus)

Junior Colour: 18 entries

1st: Jean McManus (Birds on post)

2nd: Elaine O’Keeffe (Foggy Panorama)

3rd: Bob Poole (Stump reflections)

1HM: Wayne Adams (Reflected Staircase)

2HM: Gail Marchessault (Crab up close)

Senior Monochrome: 18 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (Diamonds in the Rough)

2nd: Lynn Latozke (Moody Nude)

3rd: Kenn Green (Snow and Stream)

1HM: Jordan Nepon (Wrestler Headlock)

2HM: KJ Rocan (Waterfall)

Senior Colour: 16 entries

1st: Kenn Green (Walking in the Rain)

2nd: Lynn Latozke (Waterfall)

3rd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Cats Eyes)

1HM: Kenn Green (Young Biologist)

2HM: Jordan Nepon (Tiger Tongue)

Junior Projected: 24 entries

1st: Craig Burgess (Low Light Guitar)

2nd: Craig Burgess (Statue and Flag)

3rd: Nancy Tardiff (Horseback Rider)

1HM: Bob Poole (Pier Reflection)

2HM: Elaine O’Keeffe (Colourful Houses)

Senior Projected: 17 entries

1st: Lynn Latozke (Icy Rails)

2nd: Nancy Kerr (Prairie Lightning)

3rd: Jordan Nepon (Peacock)

1HM: Jordan Nepon (Wrestling Slam)

2HM: Kathy Schubert (Trees and lightning)

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