Manitoba Camera Club Competition

2016-2017 Year End

Photographer Judge: Carey Lauder

Artist Judge: Bonnie Taylor

Member Judge: Don Berthman

OPEN Junior Monochrome Print: (4) entries

1st: Gail Marchessault (“Natural Geometry”)

2nd: Gail Marchessault (Frog Underbelly)

3rd: not awarded

1HM: Bob Poole (Tree Canopy)

2HM: Bob Poole (Brnch and Lake)

OPEN Junior Colour Print: 15 entries

1st: Keith Putt (“Florencia”)

2nd: Jean McManus (“Hecla at Sunset”)

3rd: Jean McManus (“Oberon”)

1HM: Elaine O’Keeffe (“Goose Flights”)

2HM: Gail Marchessault (Spiral staircase)

OPEN Senior Monochrome Print: 9 entries

1st: Brian McCann (Oriental Woman)

2nd: Wendy Stephenson (Figure study)

3rd: Nancy Kerr (Dolphins Entwined)

1HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Gateway Truck)

2HM: Lynn Latozke (Winnipeg Beach Ice Forms)

OPEN Senior Colour Print: 10 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (“Dual Waterspouts”)

2nd: Mary Lou Milhausen (Single Pink Lady Slipper)

3rd: Nancy Kerr (“Fair Weather”)

1HM: Lynn Latozke (Knees in the Mist)

2HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Yellow and Pink Orchid)

OPEN Junior Projected: 9 entries

1st: Gail Marchesseault (Fireworks Silhouette)

2nd: Jean McManus (“The Anenome”)

.3rd: Gail Marchessault (Bottle and Curtains)

1HM: Elaine O’Keeffe (Firey Sky City Scape)

OPEN Senior Projected: 13 entries

1st: Nancy Kerr (“Splash Down”)

2nd: Lynn Latozke (Cricket Pitcher)

3rd: Elaine Delannoy (Adorondack chairs)

1HM: Jordan Nepon (Wrestling) .

2HM: Nancy Kerr (“Golden Elegance”)

ANIMALS : 63 entries (23 prints / 40 projected)

1st: Jordan Nepon (Tiger Tongue) -projected

2nd: Wendy Stephenson (Baby Elephant) - print

3rd: Deb Vokey (Christmas Squirrel) - Projected

1HM: Jean McManus (“Mama Fox”) - print

2HM: Nancy Kerr (“Owl with Piercing Stare”) – projected

Architecture: 51 entries (18 prints / 33 projected )

1st: Ruth Penner (“White Repeating arched doorways”) - Projected

2nd: Nancy Kerr (Diamonds in the Rough) - Projected

3rd: Brian McCann (Monochrome Arched Hallway) - Print

1HM: Mary Lou Milhausen (Triangle Building) - Projected

2HM: Brian McCann (Oriental Cathedral Ceiling) - Projected

Contemporary: 35 entries (10 prints / 35 projected)

1st: Christine McWilliams (Ornate Tree with Blazing sky) - Projected

2nd: Nancy Kerr (“Painted Tree at Sunset”) - Projected

3rd: Jean McManus (Bird Silhouette) - Projected

1HM: Bob Poole (Blue and Gold Wave) - Projected

2HM: Jean McManus (Vase in Window) - Projected

Life Images: 48 entries (18 prints / 30 projected)

1st: Mary Lou Milhausen (Tadpole Hunting) - Projected

2nd: Lynn Latozke (“Skateboarder”) - Print

3rd: Jordan Nepon (Camera Review) - Projected

1HM: Jean McManus (“The Manitoba Lifestyle”) - Print

2HM: Nancy Kerr (‘Goldeyes Fan”) - Projected

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