Assiniboine Park

Sept. 12, Assiniboine Park

All photographers were given 12 quotes to see how they  would interpret them photographically at the English Gardens and Leaf Gardens or anywhere in between.

They were allowed to add an additional quote of their own for some variety.

Oct. 2, Old Pinawa Dam, Pinawa Swinging Bridge, and Whitemouth Falls

About 15 photographers met at the '59er Restaurant and headed out on a dicey trip through very thick fog to the Old Pinawa Dam.  It was whiteout conditions from start to Lac du Bonnet.  A hair raising trip to say the least but the weather turned beautiful and a great day was enjoyed by all.

Pinawa Dam and area

1,2,3 STOP in the Exchange

1,2,3, STOP in the Winnipeg Exchange District

12 photographers met at "The Cube" and started our adventure through the Exchange led by Wendy S. and Mary Lou M.

The idea was when the leader stopped and held up her fingers indicating the STOP #, we started shooting.  All the photographers submitted one photo from each stop for the video..

It's great to see the variety and imagination that each photographer had.

Thanks to Wendy and Mary Lou for their imagination too.  Most headed over to the King's Head Pub for a well deserved lunch and refreshment.

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