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Until further notice, all meetings will be via the ZOOM online platform. 

Time, 7:00 pm - 9:00pm

Members should look for a weekly email from us with the link.

Please contact the MCC using the manitobacameraclub.info@gmail.com email to find out more about our meeting times and how to attend a meeting.

Normally, in non-pandemic times, the Manitoba Camera Club meets September through April on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.  in the Winnipeg Foundation Auditorium located in the Lion’s Place complex at 610 Portage Avenue. This has been suspended indefintely during the Covid19 pandemic.

Our monthly program cycle is:

- a member contribution night

- a field trip or practical demonstration night

- an invited speaker night

- competition results and review night.

(Check the Program Page for more information)

- Suspended until after the Covid19 pandemic: We also have a Christmas Pot Luck dinner in December.  It's lots of fun and games and you won't go home hungry!

- In April we have our year end Awards Banquet (TBA) where we showcase all of the April open and themed Competition photographs.

MEMBERSHIP FORM, this form is computer fillable. 

Download it,

fill it in,

save it to your computer and

email it to our Membership Chair at: manitobacameraclub.membership@gmail.com

Click here to download.

Membership FEES

You can come and visit us.

Come for free for 2 nights!  

Due to the situation we face with COVID19, our fees for the 2021/22 are season are only $50.

Our normal fees are ONLY $100 for the year; that comes to about $3.00 a night.  

COME and JOIN us on our photographic journey! We would love to see you.

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