The Manitoba Camera Club meets September through April on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m.  in the Winnipeg Foundation Auditorium located in the Lion’s Place complex at 610 Portage Avenue.

Our monthly program cycle is:

- a member contribution night

- a field trip or practical demonstration night

- an invited speaker night

- competition results and review night.

(Check the Program Page for more information)

- We also have a Christmas Pot Luck dinner in December.  It's lots of fun and games and you won't go home hungry!

- In April we have our year end Awards Banquet where we showcase all of the April open and themed Competition photographs.

MEMBERSHIP FORM: Click here to download.


You can come and visit us.

Come for free for 2 nights!  

Our dues are ONLY $100 for the year; that comes to about $3.00 a night.  

COME and JOIN us on our photographic journey! We would love to see you.

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