The Manitoba Camera Club would like to thank the following individuals and organizations for their support in advancing our photographic knowledge, as well as their contributions to our ongoing success.

Artist Judges (2018/2019)

Talia Keyton            


Corinne Flaws         

Jo Smoley                

Hubert Theroux       

Leona Carnegie       

Charlene Brown       

Diane Driedger

Professional Photographer Judges (2018/2019)

Wayne Hewitt     

Ingrid Misner      


Doug Little

Keith Levit           

Pamela McFarlane

Tse Li Luk

Fred Perrin

Graphic Designer

Steve Adams       

Club Judges (2018/2019)

Don Berthman                Bert Schaffer                Keith Putt           Reg Delannoy                   Terumi Kuwada        

Christina McWilliams         

Artist Judges (2017/18)

Kal Bareski ( )

James Culleton (James Culleton Designs)

Jo Smoley (Jo Smoley Fine Art)

Marlis Steinke (Winnipeg South Photo Club)

Professional Photographer Judges (2017/18)

Hans Arnold (Hans Arnold Photography)

Colin Corneau (

Pamela MacFarlane (Portraits by Pamela)

Keith Levit (Keith Levit Photograghy)

Tami Reynolds (Shared Vision Photography)

Cary Lauder

Ian MacCausland (Ian MacCausland Photography)

Club Judges (2017/18)

Don Berthman, Reg Delannoy, Joe Kerr, Keith Putt, Wilf Schubert,

Bert Schaffer, Nancy Tardiff, Dave Streeter, Debbie Vokey,

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