September 2020: "OPEN"

October 2020: "WEATHER" 

These images are required to actually depict weather events rather than just the results. Interpretation : i.e. rain falling not just a puddle; snow falling not just a half buried car or a snow drift.

November 2020: "FROM DAYS GONE BY"

Images that reflect past eras or practices

December 2019: NO COMPETITION

January 2021: "OPEN"

February 2021: "WINDOWS AND/OR DOORS"

March 2021: "REPETITION"

These images are required to FEATURE repeating elements. The aspects of repetition need to be the primary focal point of the image.

April 2021: 

- Annual Year End "OPEN" and 

Special Competitions:

- Life Images,

- Architecture,

- Animals &

- Contemporary Photography

See the competition rules for more information

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