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Manitoba Camera Club

Competition Guidelines

For a printable copy of the Competition Guidelines click here.(Revised 2021)



I      General 

II     Judging and Points Awarded

III    Monthly Competition Categories and Themes 

IV    April Open and Year-End Trophy Competitions 

V     Print and Digital Projected Image Sizing and Labelling 

VI    Annual Aggregate Awards 

VII   Miscellaneous

I – General

1. Competitions are open to Club members who have paid their membership fees for the current Club year. Honorary Life members are included.

2. There are four (4) Themed and two (2) Open competitions between September and March inclusive. These are the only competitions for which points are awarded.

3. Each April, the Club has an Open competition, as well as four annual Themed Trophy competitions.

4. There are two levels for competitors – Junior and Senior. Generally, new members compete at the Junior level. Notwithstanding, new members will compete at the level best suited to their experience; as determined by that member and the Competitions Committee. This does not preclude any new member from electing to compete at the Senior level.

5. Junior members move to Senior membership after accumulating a lifetime total of fifty (50) or more points, during continuous membership. Members cannot revert to the Junior level, except by agreement of the Competitions Committee.

6. All monthly entries must be received by the Competitions Committee by the second last Tuesday of each competition month. Consult the MCC program schedule for specific dates and/or changes. Competitors must use the appropriate entry form available on the web site to submit entries.  Competitors must register their submissions on the “Monthly Competitions” sign-up sheets, available at that meeting. Print entries must be entered by the end of the meeting. Digital Projected Images must be entered by midnight.  No Exceptions.

7. Entries by mail from out-of-town members are permitted. Return postage must accompany the entry, otherwise the images will not be returned or stored. MCC is not responsible for prints that are not picked up. Mailed entries must be received by the second last Tuesday of each competition month. Make arrangements in advance with the Competitions Committee.

8. Entries must fit the monthly theme, as interpreted by the Competitions Committee together with the judges. Images that do not satisfactorily meet the theme will be critiqued but are excluded from all awards.

9. Model and/or property releases, if required, are the competitor’s responsibility.

10. Prints and projected images may be derived from digital or film source.

11. Commercially processed images are acceptable.

12. Images may be enhanced or altered via photo editing software. This includes adding artistic or texture filters; removing or adding objects; creating a new image from one or more images; digital artwork; multi-layer compositions or collages; etc.  The greater part of the completed image must be the photographers own photographs.

13. Monochrome images may be black and white (greyscale) or tinted with any tone or colour (e.g. Sepia, Selenium, Copper or any other singular hue). Toning with two or more colours, including Duotone or Split Tone, is classified as colour. Selective painting with an accent colour in localized areas is classified as colour. For example, a red apple with the rest of the image monochrome is classified as colour.

14. Images may be submitted for competition a maximum of two times. This means one time in a monthly Themed or Open competition and one additional time in the April Open or April Themed Trophy competition. Images converted from colour to monochrome are considered the same image unless substantially altered.

II – Judging and Points Awarded

1. Judging is arranged by the Competitions Committee. Three (3) judges adjudicate the entries. These judges preferably include a professional photographer, an artist and a Club member. Club members who serve as judges are not eligible to enter that month’s competition.

2. MCC Judging guidelines shall be provided to judges. Guidelines are just that – guidelines to assist.

3. Awards are at the discretion of the judges. Judges may decide, based on merit, not to grant any one or more of the awards. Ties are not permitted.

4. Judges will select one entry as “Image of the Month.” Candidates are the 1st place entries in Monochrome Print, Colour Print and Digital Projected Image in both Junior and Senior categories.

5. Judges' decisions are final.

6. Points awarded for monthly competitions as follows:

- 1st place 5 points

- 2nd place 4 points

- 3rd place 3 points

- 1st honourable mention 2 points

- 2nd honourable mention 1 point

- Image of the Month 2 points

7. No points are awarded for any April Year-End competition. First place is awarded a trophy, plaque or medal. Second and 3rd place and both Honourable Mentions are awarded ribbons.

8. Club members judging monthly competitions receive three (3) points. These count towards their "Aggregate" and “Grand Aggregate” only. See section VI.

III – Monthly Competition Categories and Themes

1. There are 4 categories for monthly competitions:

-Monochrome Print - MP

-Colour Print - CP

-Digital Projected Image Monochrome -DM

-Digital Projected Image Colour -DC

2. Competitors may submit up to two (2) entries per category.

3. Open theme competitions are held September and January. Open theme competitions may include any subject matter.

4. Themed competitions (as chosen each year by the Competitions Committee) are held October, November, February, and March.

IV – April Open and Year-End Trophy Competitions

The April Open and four Year-End Trophy competitions have different rules than the monthly competitions. All rules regarding judging, print dimensions, mat/mount, labelling and digital file format still apply.

See sections I, II and V.

April Open

1. Eligibility to enter a chosen category (any of Monochrome Print, Colour Print, Digital Projected Image) requires entering at least one image in that category, in two or more monthly competitions during the current Club year. For example, to enter Monochrome Print, you must have entered at least one Monochrome Print in at least 2 monthly competitions.

2. Eligible members may enter up to two (2) images in each of Monochrome Print, Colour Print and Digital Projected Image categories.

Year-End Themed Trophy Competitions (Animals, Architecture, Life Images, Contemporary)

1. All members are eligible. There is no requirement to have entered a monthly competition.

2. All members compete against each other. There are no Senior or Junior categories.

3. Each member may submit up to four (4) images for each Themed Trophy competition. Images may be any combination of Monochrome Print, Colour Print or Digital Projected Images. There are no separate Colour Print, Monochrome Print or Digital Projected Image categories.

The four Themed Trophy competitions are as follows:

1. Architecture – The Henry Kalen Trophy

- A pictorial representation of an architectural structure and/or it's elements.

- Label your entries "Architecture".

2. Animals – The Arko Trophy

• The topic includes mammals, insects, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles and so on. Humans are excluded.

• Label your entries "Animals".

3. Life Images – MCC Life Images Trophy

• Images must tell us something about the human condition and make us think about life. For example; about working, danger, monotony, excitement, despair, joy, times gone by, life styles, social comment or whimsy.

• Label your entries "Life Images".

4. Contemporary Photography (Altered Reality) – The Delannoy Trophy

• Images must depict a departure from realism, often through the use of montages, motion blur, patterns, filters, selective focus, colouring or toning, zoom exposures, and other techniques via the darkroom or the computer.

• Images may be more art than photography, but they must begin with one or more photographs that are the sole work of the creator of the image (i.e. no clip art).

• The purpose of such techniques is to alter reality to the point where the image is drastically different than what was originally viewed through the viewfinder.

• Label your entries "Contemporary".

V – Print and Digital Projected Image Sizing, and Labelling

Images not meeting the following criteria may be disqualified at the discretion of the Judges and Competitions Committee.

Printed Image

- 1. Printed images must be exhibited on a mat or mount only. Framing is not allowed. More than one image in a single mat, mount or print is allowed. Due to handling problems, metal prints are not accepted (metallic paper is OK).

- 2. Print size, Minimum 8" x 8" print only to a Maximum 16" x 20" including mat or mount. 

- 3. No identifying marks may appear on the front of the image, mat or mount.

- 4. Use a simple arrow on the print back to indicate top of image. If there is no arrow the Competitions Committee will orient as seen fit.

Digital Projected Image

- 1. Format and Sizing: JPEG format with maximum 2 megabyte file size Maximum horizontal size: 1600 pixels. Maximum vertical size: 1200 pixels. sRGB colour space

- 2. Digital projected images may be e-mailed to or submitted on USB drive.


- 1. Label both Print and Digital Projected Images identically:

J(Junior)/S(Senior)+member number–Category–Image Number–First Initial–Last Name–Title

Family members with identical initials, please use 1 additional letter to differentiate one another.

Select one Category from the following:

MP   – Monochrome Print in all Monthly plus April Open

CP  – Colour Print in all Monthly plus April Open

DM – Digital Projected Image Monochrome in all Monthly plus April Open

DC - Digital Projected Image Colour in all Monthly plus April Open

Labelling examples for digital Projected Images:



J160-DC-1-J-Doe-Canola Field

J160-DC-2-J-Doe-Madonna and Child

Themed category abbreviations for April Competitions:

ARCH – April Architecture Trophy competition

ANML – April Animal Trophy competition

Life – April Life Images Trophy competition

Contemp – April Contemporary Photography Trophy competition

2. Examples of labels for regular monthly competitions for Junior member No. 160, Jane Doe for Colour and Monochrome prints and Digital Projected Images:

J160-CP–1–J–Doe–Monarch Butterfly

J160-MP–2–J–Doe–Prairie View


J160-DC-2-J-Doe-Humming Bird

3. Examples of labels for April Themed Trophy Competitions:

J160-ANML-CP–1–J–Doe–Bull Moose

J160-ANML-MP–2–J–Doe–Screech Owl

J160-ANML-DM-3–J–Doe–Amur Tiger


Architecture – April Architecture Trophy competition Animals – April Animal Trophy competition Life – April Life Images Trophy competition Contemporary – April Contemporary Photography Trophy competition

2. Examples of labels for Junior member No. 160, Jane Doe:

J160–Colour–1–Jane–Doe–March2018 (1st of 2 Colour prints in March)

J160–Colour–2–Jane–Doe–March2108 (2nd of 2 Colour prints in March)

J160–Animals–1–Jane–Doe–April2018 (1st of 4 entries in April Animals)

J160–Animals–2–Jane–Doe–April2018 (2nd of 4 entries in April Animals)

J160–Animals–3–Jane–Doe–April2018 (3rd of 4 entries in April Animals)

J160–Animals–4–Jane–Doe–April2018 (4th of 4 entries in April Animals)

VI – Annual Aggregate Awards Junior and Senior

Aggregate Awards Awarded to one Junior and one Senior member in each of these categories;

Monochrome Print

Colour Print

Digital Projected Image Monochrome

Digital Projected Image Colour

Awards are to the highest accumulated total score in each category from the six monthly competitions plus points earned from judging and points earned for Image of the Month.

Tie Breaking: The higher number of 1st places, followed by the higher number of 2nd places, etc.

Grand Aggregate Award

Awarded to the member (Junior or Senior) with the highest accumulated total score in all categories from monthly competitions including those points earned previously for judging and Image of the Month.

VII – Miscellaneous

Special competitinons may be announced at any time. Conditions of entry will be set by the Competitions Committee. No points will be awarded for these competitions.

The Manitoba Camera Club Inc. reserves the right to make duplicates of all placing images and, with the photographer's agreement, enter these into national and international competitions.

Winning images may be displayed on the Club website.

The Manitoba Camera Club Inc. will be the owner of these duplicates (but does not assert rights to the content) with all credit given to the photographer.

Members must own all the rights to the works submitted. As such, members hold the Manitoba Camera Club harmless from any breach of copyright laws in Canada and elsewhere.

The Manitoba Camera Club Inc. is not liable for loss or damage of entries, however caused.

Participation in any competition indicates your acceptance of competition rules.

Revised 2018 

Revised 2021

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